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Absolutely ‘Pawesome’: Snoopy Comes To The UK Luxury Omega Moonswatch Mission To Moonphase Fake Watches

Two years after the launch of the epic Moonswatch collaboration between Omega and Swatch, a new non-limited replica watches for sale has been added to this iconic collection: the Moonswatch Mission to Moonphase. Just like the Bioceramic MoonSwatch and Mission to Moonshine Gold models before it, this latest Moonswatch is equipped with the chronograph function. That said, rather than merely slap a rendering of Snoopy on the dial and call it a day, the Moonswatch Mission to Moonphase also features a moon phase function, probably the most poetic of all best UK fake watches complications. For the first time in its history, Swatch has combined a moon phase with a chronograph.

From Speedmaster to MoonSwatch: The Watch Lover’s Snoopy Obsession explained

Snoopy joined NASA in 1968, as a mascot for the Manned Flight Awareness program (now called the Space Flight Awareness program), which was established in 1963, on top of that, the beloved beagle is the only astronaut who has landed on the moon, travelled to the International Space Station, and blasted into orbit on the space shuttle. More recently in 2022, he hitched a ride aboard the record-breaking flight of Artemis I, which traveled an astronomical 1.4 million miles.

Having already portrayed a daring Olympic skier, a rough-and-tough hockey player, and, of course, a valiant World War I flying ace, Snoopy was deemed as having “the right stuff” and he became the ideal mascot for boosting morale during a tumultuous period in 1967 after the Apollo 1 fire killed astronauts Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee.

Curator at the National Air and Space Museum, Margaret Weitekamp, compares the campaign of Snoopy as a character to the US Forest Service’s successes with other icons like Smokey Bear or Woodsy Owl and the courageous pup’s most obvious contributions come by way of the Silver Snoopy Award which astronauts award members of the NASA workforce for contributions to their safety and the success of their missions. The incomparable esteem is that it is a recognition that can only be bestowed once and in respect of specific tasks or achievements that improved spaceflight benchmarks. In fact, this prestigious prize was awarded to cheap 1:1 Omega replica watches in 1970 for its role in the history of space exploration, including its essential contribution to bringing the crew of Apollo 13 back home safe and sound. That year, an exploding oxygen tank during the Apollo 13 mission placed the astronauts’ lives in danger. One of the many challenges the crew had to face was timing the 14-second launch time that would allow them to get back to Earth. Luckily, they had an Omega Speedster with them.

Why the Moonswatch Mission to Moonphase will reignite Swatch hype again

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Two years ago, the Moonswatch single handedly returned queues to Swatch stores around the globe, igniting all sorts of TikTok and IG story documented fights and dramas over its availability. The demand was so furious that even the Swatch factory was caught off guard and it took a while for supply to ramp up. As passion for the collection started to taper off, Swatch excited online copy watches lovers once again, hinting to a material once exclusive to big brother, Omega: moonshine gold. Rumour mills worked over time, with the market wondering just how much moonshine gold would be available in a CHF300 timepiece. Alas, on debut, we discovered the novel appearance of a Moonshine Gold central seconds hand and 11 iterations later, the novelty of “special full moon” variations that included one with strawberries was well, critically panned but still commercially successful.

This year, the all-white China perfect replica Omega Moonswatch Mission to Moonphase watches, strongly hinted to its Snoopy connection via a paw print on the lunar surface and boy, Swatch did not disappoint. Featuring a white dial, white case, and white velcro strap, it would already be a victory for its aesthetic. Except that this time, in addition to all the typical aesthetic features (the asymmetrical case, the famous tachymeter-scaled bezel with the dot over the 90 and the typical Speedmaster subdials) of a Bioceramic MoonSwatch, we have the added bonus of the beloved Peanut characters. More importantly, these characters aren’t just illustrated into a subdial like on its metal Omega Speedster big brothers, this Moonswatch Mission to Moonphase super clone watches shop bears a moon phase complication within the upper right sub-register – this is where you’ll find the familiar Snoopy and Woodstock characters lying atop the Moon much the way they would on Snoopy’s doghouse in the Peanuts comic strip.

To our eyes, it’s nothing like 2015’s Swiss movements replica Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy limited edition watches which showed Snoopy in the prone position on the dial, but similar in feel. Except, given it’s all white colourway, Swatch really has outdone itself with their latest Moonswatch. On the model’s moon phase mask and disc, a hidden quote from Snoopy’s comic strip is nestled amidst crescent moons and stars, that can be seen under UV light. Furthermore, a moon inspired by the world of Snoopy can be seen on the battery cover.

Moonswatch Mission to Moonphase SO33W700 Price & Specs

Case 42mm white Bioceramic case with 30 metres water resistance
movement Quartz chronograph with moonphase indicator
Price SG$425