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Experience: Fauré Le Page Back Up 32 Paris Blue Backpack. Perfect Match to a Perfect Replica Patek Philippe 5524 UK

Today’s model is a luxury fake Patek Philippe. It is no secret that here at WCL we love all things Fauré Le Page. The latest addition to the collection is their new backpack called the Back Up 32 Paris Blue Ecailles Canvas. Available in three different sizes, the 32 is the largest one, this backpack is one of the nicest items we’ve gotten from Fauré Le Page. The backpack usually comes in steel grey —black—, empire green, red ivress, or Paris blue. Measuring 32 cm —12.6 inches— in width at the base by 34 cm —13.8 inches— in height and 11.3 cm —4.3 inches— in depth, the Fauré Le Page Back Up 32 Paris Blue is perfect for daily use or when you are traveling around the world in style.

Equipped with three exterior zippered pockets and two interior compartments —one for a laptop—, the Fauré Le Page Back Up 32 Paris Blue is one of our favorite backpacks. Featuring extra supple grain calf leather and the traditional hand-painted scale pattern that FLP is knowjn for, the bag is very roomy and eye-catching. The high quality fake Patek Philippe fits the Fauré Le Page Back Up 32 Paris Blue excellently.
Renowned for creating Napoleon’s vermeil saber and Louis XVI’s hunting super clone watches online, Fauré Le Page evolved in becoming a provider of hand-painted leather holsters and gun bags for the same firearms and weapons their VIP clients were buying from them. Revived at the end of 2012, Fauré Le Page is exclusively sold in Paris, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. From the leather to the gold plated hardware and the embossed Fauré Le Page crest, the details and finishes on this backpack are simply out of this world.

While there are two main compartments in its interior, there is also a third smaller zippered compartment that comes in very handy when traveling and keeping your passport and boarding pass secure. As far as the straps, these are very well padded and accented with a bright yellow trim matching the color of the Fauré Le Page logo on the scales.
Perfectly paired with a perfect replica Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time ref. 5524G that happens to have a dial in the same hue as the Paris blue color on this Fauré Le Page bag, this is a bag that you just need to have with you next time you are globetrotting or just passing by Paris. Now, if you are in Paris and want to take a quick day trip to the Palace of Versailles, we promise you there is no better companion for you than this Fauré Le Page Paris Blue backpack for that classy understated look.