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Over the years Hublot blue dila fake watches have shows us that the “Art of Fusion” is at its best when it connects worlds that are seemingly worlds apart. It was in 2012 that Hublot teamed up with cigar maker Arturo Fuente. The result, until now, has been two innovative limited editions. Part of the “Art of Fusion” is the power of fusion, it is the synergy that seems to increase every time two iconic brands work together. The latest collaboration between Arturo Fuente and Hublot testify to this, and not in the least because it is dedicated to one of the rarest and exquisite cigars out there: the Fuente Fuente Opus X.

In order to be even allowed to make a Fuente Fuente Opus X, the “torcedores,” or cigar rollers, get an additional ten months of training, after which they are allowed to make a cigar out of nine leaves of tobacco. This is significantly more than what is usual for a high-end cigar. To guarantee the best flavor, the cigars are laid to rest for two years, so the flavors get the time to mingle and reach their optimum, similar to a fine wine.

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With the 20th anniversary of the Opus X, Hublot created three watches for the occasion, each limited to twenty watches each, and each a testimony that the synergy between the two brands have reached a new high.

Hublot used, as could be expected from them, a combination of high-tech materials and innovative production methods to create these limited editions. The first features a 45mm black ceramic case with a satin finish. It provides a nice contrast with the blue dial, with its intricate design, and the double X, referring to the anniversary of the famed cigar. Also, the back of the watch features engravings commemorating this special event.

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The second watch in the limited edition cheap fake Hublot watch has a case of brushed titanium. Unique is that it is engraved with a motif of tobacco leafs interlinking with the letter X. Combined with the dial that fades from bright blue in the middle, to a grey/brown on the edges the result is mesmerizing. The watch is fitted with a gray alligator strap, which has a rubber lining. This extends the life of the strap, especially in humid climates, while increasing wearing comfort as well.