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Replica Bell & Ross Leather Strap Black Dial Limited Edition Watches UK

Look closely, and you’ll notice a new GMT watch from Bell & Ross for 2016. I’ve appreciated the brand’s refined and legible GMT watches for a while, and this newest model is actually a melding of various watches from the brand’s modern history. So now let’s take a look at the Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT that I think a lot of people are going to enjoy. Before we dive into it, allow me to share two watches which, in my opinion, are the inspiration for it.

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First, let me remind you that the Bell & Ross BR03 case replica watches are the smaller 42mm-wide cousin of the larger 46mm-wide BR01. While the BR01 has the “grandest” wrist presence, according to Bell & Ross, a lot more people prefer the wearability of the 42mm-wide BR03. Don’t neglect to consider the important fact that this is a square rather than round watch which means it looks a lot larger on the wrist.
When Bell & Ross first debuted the BR01 “Instrument,” the watch case was directly inspired by cockpit instrument clocks and gauges inside of airplanes. The now iconic look has been tested through countless (really) iterations, which Bell & Ross continues to refine today. The collection of their square watches consist of the larger 46mm-wide BR01, the medium 42mm-wide BR03, and the smaller 39mm-wide BR S.
In polished and brushed steel, the Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT series replica watches have a dressier look than many of the all-matte-finished models Bell & Ross produces. This lends itself well to wearing, especially when Bell & Ross matches the case with the right dial design. Let me go back for a moment and remind you of the two watches I feel directly inspired the Bell & Ross BR 03-93 GMT. First is the classic Bell & Ross BR 01-93 GMT. and second is the round-cased Bell & Ross BR 123 GMT. Together, and including other elements of BR01 and BR03 watch design from over the years, Bell & Ross creates a new and very pretty sport GMT watch design.

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Rolex also deserves some credit here, actually. That is where Bell & Ross leather strap fake watches UK got the design of the orange-colored GMT hand along with its physical style. Just look to some Rolex Explorer II watches of old. The hint of color lends itself well to what is otherwise a more formal-looking sport watch. What I mean by that is that, in addition to being a durable “activity watch,” the level of fit and finishing here makes it a status and lifestyle indicator as well as a wearable tool.