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Replica Diving Black Dial Stainless Steel Case Watches For UK Sale

Diving watches besides appearance beautiful, durable, one of the most interesting is its rotating bezel.Rotating bezel and arguably diving watches the most iconic features.

In particular, replica diving watches UK circle of rotary table remind diving time.Common rotating bezel annotation scale usually is 15, 30 and 45, because generally diving oxygen bottle can only hold 30 to 45 minutes of diving time.Some divers watch 15 minutes before the rotating bezel is with color and special logo, because doing 15 minutes when divers will strictly abide by the rising safety stops for decompression, so when the time through this period of time, you can go home.

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Divers watch circle is also very easy to use, usually just turn the table turns when diving, make the zero calibration on the minute hand on the table turns, then watch minutes walk after corresponding rotating bezel on the scale diving can know the time.

Diving watches, rotating bezel cheap fake watches are reverse rotation must also can only reverse rotation, some equipped with two-way rotating bezel on market not diving watches in strict sense.Why do you say that?For example, reverse rotating bezel if wrong operation or when diving because touch rotating bezel, also does not remind you to water in advance.But if wearing a two-way rotating bezel wrist watch, when diving produced a clockwise circle of table wrong operation, let already started diving countdown to zero, it is very fatal for divers.Two-way rotating bezel is mainly used to calculate the time, such as computing sailing through the distance between the two buoys, such as time, is not used for diving.

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As an important part of diving watches, each brand in the circle of diving watches is big on, from material to process.Such as the well-known rolex submariner cheap replica watches series, watches circle using high-tech ceramic material, because the ceramic has corrosion resistance and resistance to sliding and the characteristics of quality also is very light, has become the basic standard of modern diving watches.This year, omega new ocean universe rubber and ceramic bezel fusion technology and adopting ceramic bezel and liquid metal scale integration process, more complex, and more beautiful.