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The new UK best fake Patek Philippe 5711 successor – the 5811/1G Nautilus – is a bit of a letdown. But it is our fault, not Patek’s

“Anticipation, I suppose, sometimes exceeds realisation,” Amelia Earhart once said. Ever since the final swan song of the perfect replica Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 5711, which, at times felt like a never-ending Elton John farewell tour, the rumour mill instantly began swirling. Everybody had predictions – a 6711 in titanium perhaps, or a return to a two-handed dial? But, of course, nobody actually knew what was coming. No matter the claims in forums or social media, the majority of guesses were exactly that, with only a select few prophesying something akin to what was revealed last week: the luxury fake Patek Philippe Nautilus 5811/1G.

Objectively speaking, only making small refinements to a watch whose predecessor was one of the most desirable replica watches for sale uk in the world, is completely logical. It is a move right out of the Rolex playbook. The new 1:1 fake Patek Philippe Nautilus 5811/1G will look pretty much identical to the 5711/1A to the untrained eye, and even those who have got a full foot in the waters of watch enthusiasm would be hard-pressed to distinguish the pair at a glance.

What is actually new?
The most immediate difference is the transition to white gold for both the case and bracelet. This is the first aaa quality replica Patek Philippe Nautilus in decades to feature both a case and bracelet in white gold, the last model to do so being the 3711G that was released a few years prior to the 5711 for the 30th anniversary of the Nautilus in 2006. The case itself has seen some subtle changes as well, becoming 1mm larger at 41mm, 0.1mm thinner at 8.2mm thick, and, interestingly, reverting to the two-part monobloc case structure rather than the three-piece case found on the 5711. This makes the lives of high quality fake Patek Philippe watchmakers that much harder – the movement is no longer accessible from the caseback side so everything needs to be loaded or engaged with from the front.

Being in white gold, the dial has also enjoyed a subtle switch-up. Like the Aquanaut 5168G, the 5811/1G dial now has a gradient effect to its blue shade – creating a through line between Patek’s sporty and precious models.
One of the most notable changes found on the Swiss made fake Patek Philippe Nautilus 5811/1G is the new folding clasp found on the white-gold bracelet. Among the calls for upgrades, one of the most common requests was a clasp that provided greater adjustment for the wearer. We have seen various brands at all price and prestige tiers begin to introduce micro-adjustment clasps into their watch bracelets, so it was about time Patek Philippe replica for sale UK joined the party. Within the butterfly clasp, each end is outfitted with a new lockable adjustment system that allows the bracelet to be finely sized on each side of the butterfly folding clasp.